Your Favourite Pub Re-Opens Today

This is a message to all of you wanting to get totally wasted (at a social distance & sat outside) after months of ruddy lockdown… Once again your favourite pub can stop being a half-hearted farm shop and get back to serving a small selection warm beers and last years’ stale snacks. We’re reopening at 2pm today and converted the car park, pavements near the pub and neighbours’ drive-ways into an extra large sprawling beer garden so we can serve many hundreds of p****** customers. The family room is closed (No sad loss, and we’re taking the opportunity to ban kids as they spread the virus). Toilets are out of bounds so please spend a penny before you visit us or use the churchyard… To put us in a post-lockdown party mood  ex-BBC DJ Kid “The Kid” Jenson is once again lending us a few mix-tapes to play. But the Police have warned anyone dancing, singing or talking loudly will be arrested. Or videoed for shaming on Tik-Tok. See you after lunch! Cindy Carmarthen, Bar Manager, The Blind Badger Pub & Venue

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