Traditional Good Friday Service & Annual Multi-Faith Sportsday

Hello my flock. Happy Easter one and all. I’m pleased to announce that today’s Good Friday service, and all our Easter services, will take place in the graveyard to comply with the latest Covid laws. Today will also see a partial return of Beckworth’s annual Multi Faith Good Friday open day at the church. Hosted every Easter in recognition of the day our Lord was “put to sleep” then “rose again” we celebrate how all faiths, whether they believe in God or not, can come together to share a love of competitive sports and finding cream- eggs around the church yard. This year due to restrictions we can only allow a limited amount of attendants all of whom must keep 2 metres apart, and none can hunt eggs… Also some games will be banned, such as the multi-faith three legged race. So no matter your faith, if you’ve been vaccinated and have stayed in a bubble please come along and join us… May the Lord be with you. Yours Rec V Knutsford, St Faiths

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