About Visit Beckworth

We have the famed television anthropolist, Dr K*** K***** to thank for creating this site, Visit Beckworth, (although he now wants to remain anonymous). His vision was a way of marking the new millenium and studying everyday life within these shores.

It started as an indepth study of a typical middle English town, following its inhabitants to create an online time capsule for the generations to come.

Unfortunately the funding dried up before work started and the site looked doomed.

But a chance meeting with the head of the Beckworth Tourist Board secured lottery funding, with the proviso of promoting tourism, and the site was on it’s way.

Although tragically Dr K****y is no longer involved in the site the residents of Beckworth have taken it upon themselves to continue his time-capsule work…

FYI: You can hear the interviews (Aka The Beckworth Files) by clicking on the menu titled “recorded interviews” where they are arranged alphabetically

For ten years from the mid 1990s Dr K*** K****** recorded many of Beckworths’ then residents for his time-capsule. The tapes were thought lost after his “disappearance” from the town but have recently been retrieved from their shallow burial site, along with many other items of interest to the Police. So, at long last we can now share them with the world. Please enjoy these insightful interviews, more will be added from time to time (including, we are promised, new recordings made by the residents themselves)…

So please enjoy Visit Beckworth, and tell your friends…


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