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Here are more instalments from an enlightening interview with the unpublished romantic novelist Stefen Nightingale, aka Beckworth car dealer Stephen Bendish

Hello dear Beckworth. I am delighted to share with you the first parts of an interview I recorded a few years ago, they are most stimulating, especially for fans of my heroine Barbara Cartland. Please enjoy…


Here is an interview with Marion Leyton, a slaugterhouse operative

Hello, I’m Marion and here are some recordings from an interview I did a while ago with an odd man who called himself a doctor. He was a bit tipsy and asked me some very strange questions…



Here four parts of an interview with single mum Courtney Beccles

Hello World. My name is Courtney and it’s lovely to meet you all, I hope you like hearing my interviews. I really didn’t hold back and told the lady interviewer lots of juicy secrets about my life, just like my heroes Katie Price, Kim Kardashian and White Dee. Thanks Courtney.


Here is more from an interview with Seamus, an ex-bank robber who’s now an “inventor” on the witness protection programme

I can’t tell you a lot about meself, but despite that these interviews are a great craic anyhow. So sit back and enjoy.


Here is an interview with PC Shirley Cowgrove, a female police constable

Hello, this is an interview recorded a while back which gives an insight into balancing the glamorous life of being in the police force with motherhood. Shirley.



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