This week’s Displeasure Playlist

Hello radio fans, I hope you’re all doing ok in lockdown. A big thanks to those who listened to this weekend’s online radio show, it was show seven on, and below is this week’s playlist.

The show is on twice weekly, 7pm Fridays (GMT) and 10am Saturdays (GMT) and you can also listen to the shows anytime at your leisure, just search for me Inmate B42359 on My cellmate Len is, as always, seeking music related queries for his Listerpedia slot on the show, so please email those to our new address

Keep yourselves well, and if you like the show please spread the word. Inmate B42359

01 Fire – Black Pumas

02 An Ocean With No Waves - Belau

03 Ship On The Ocean - Groundhogs

04 Down - Wilsen

05 Parachutes - Jordan Mackampa

06 Love Lies Bleeding - Rose Of The West

07 Nations Of The World Steel Pulse

08 One Day She’s Here - Marcus King

09 Garden Dove - Samantha Crain

10 If I Can’t Change Your Mind - Sugar

11 Funny Money - Las Kellies

12 Steady - POLIÇA

13 What A Drag - Nathaniel Rateliff

14 It’s OK, It’s Alright - Alice Boman

15 Ma I Miss Your Apple Pie - Alan Breeze

Record Player Coloured Vinyl V7



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