Don’t Miss The Virtual Panto Auditions This Week And Next

Howdy fun seekers… Pantomime season will be upon us before we know it and so this week and next The Beckworth Players will be holding our annual open auditions. You, the dear untalented public, can apply for some very minor parts in this year’s not-to-be-missed theatrical extravaganza Jack & The Beansprout. Yes, from this Thursday or Friday we will start looking for fresh talent for our much anticipated 2017 panto (admittedly a scaled back production, which may or may not be online only…). Is stardom waiting for you? If so why not audition… Needless to say the few good parts have already been taken by key members of The Beckworth Players, but we still need new talent for the parts no one else wants to do. Auditions will be held via Zoom and are open to anyone who’s not been touched by the ugly stick or eaten all the mince pies, so if you’re past your prime or have a voice that makes people vomit please don’t waste our time. So please zoom us and show us your talent. You must be over 18 or at least look it.

See you Thursday, Chico (producer)


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