The Perfect Soundtrack For Diwali

Hello, and happy Diwali. I hope you’re all staying safe and can enjoy today’s festival of lights. Perhaps a catch up listen to this weekend’s online radio show, would make the perfect soundtrack…  Listen to the show anytime at your leisure on just search for Inmate B42359, and below is this week’s playlist.

The show is on twice weekly on www.madwaspradio.com7pm Fridays (GMT) and 10am Saturdays (GMT) and you can also. Please don’t forget to send my cellmate Len music related queries for his Listerpedia slot and we’d love to hear from you…
so please email us at

01 Money – Widowspeak

02 Can I Believe You - Fleet Foxes

03 YoshimiBattlesPinkRobots - Flaming Lips (2003)

04 Mollys Chambers - Kings Of Leon (2003)

05 Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part 3 - Ian Dury

06 I Feel Free - Cream

07 Coming Up For Air - Astrid Williamson

08 November Brides - The Bible

09 November Starlings - Trembling Blue Stars

10 Satellite Of Love - Lou Reed

11 Night & Day - Lisel

12 A Hero’s Death - Fontaines D.C.

13 Volverte A Enamorar - Lisasinson

14 Shine On - The House Of Love

15 Mister Brown Of London Town - Carroll Gibbons

Record Player Coloured Vinyl  V4

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