We’re Supporting World Kindness Day. Why Not Join Us.

Hello all. Today many of Beckworth’s local shops are opening their doors in a gesture of kindness and offering essential items for sale. Yes we’re encouraging them to all do a “Cummings” and get round the law that prevents “non-essential” shops, pubs, gyms, cafes, etc to trade. For instance today the undertakers will be selling coffin shaped cakes, the iron-mongers pop corn and the gym take out coffee. Even the Blind Badger pub is getting in on the act and selling take-out drink alongside fruit & veg. Our traders are a resourceful lot, and always very kind every day, so why not flock to the high street and show your support? Stay safe, stay home except when you need to go out. Yours sincerely, Valerie Saddleworth CBE. Chairlady. The Beckworth Guild of Trade & Commerce

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