We’re Giving Weedy Joe A Break…

Breaking US Presidential Election News Just In…  My editor has explained to me in no uncertain terms that we should show impartiality during the US election and try to say something positive about Great Grandpa Walton, I mean Biden. I’ve never seen him so rattled since Blair got into power. Anyway, saying something constructive about the old communist relic is really in case he does steal the election from the best US President ever, Donald Trump and wants to advertise in the paper… I’ve racked my brains about what to write about Old Man Biden that is neither derogatory or untrue, its been very hard but i’ve settled on he has a neat grey haircut, which suits an ancient Democrat. Job done. Now lets get back to preying that President Trump stays in the Whitehouse making America great again. I’ll keep you posted with any news or gossip but don’t expect any more Biden compliments! Christine Batley. Deputy Chief Political Correspondent. Beckworth And Slocombe Herald Incorporating Nightly Gazette

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