Spend Valentine Evening Eating The Food Of Love. Kebabs

You lucky bloods, today is the day of love, 24 hours of carnal delights and showing off to the arm candy, reeeeeght… St Valentines Day comes once in a year and it’s one of the only days I’m trusted to look after the hood in my Dad’s absence, as he’s taken my Mum out for spa day (what a sap)… anyway today i’m throwing a hardcore offer on you wiggas… So boom; tonight I’ll be flying solo and staying opening extra late to cater for those hungry home skillets and BFs who want a truly memorable night. Also, i’m offering a one night only all you can eat offer (from the salad bowl only) for all customers prove they’re a daddy or baby girl (something X-rated on your phone should it!). The salad will be free for any crew dropping large notes on two large donar kebab, two large fries and a couple of greek beers. Also, after 9.30 my brother, MC Kofte, will be dropping some huge tunes so come down to move a sick muscle. All for just £39.99. See you later gangstas.

Steve Knossos AKA MC Shish. Knossos Kebabs

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