The Coffee Bean Devil Tries To Ride Again

Hello everyone. As you are probably aware it is exactly five years to the day since the inaugural meeting of STUCCO, which aimed to stop one of the devil’s favourite shops opening on the High Street. Ultimately, myself and the other three members of STUCCO failed to stop Cost O’Bucks, the faceless International Irish coffee chain, blighting our beautiful town… But now STUCCO (Stop This Ubiquitous Coffee Chain Opening) is back! We want to stop the Roman coffee chain Stara Nero opening a concession in Sainsco which we know is a Trojab Horse before it takes over the town with its coffee themed comestibles… With your help we could be bigger, better and more organised than last time (and hopefully succesful), and for this reason I am proposing we form a new action committee. I have taken it upon myself to keep the catchy name, STUCCO, and have booked the snug at The Blind Badger this Tuesday at 7pm to have an inaugural meet. Please spread the word and see you then. Thank you, Ray Eastleigh. Chairperson and founder. STUCCO

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