Remembrance Sunday Service & Parade Online Today

Hello my flock. Just to remind you that, due to lockdown, today’s Remembrance Day Parade and Service will all be taking place online, via something i’m still getting to grips with called Zoom, not this website.

There is no limit on the amount of people who can “attend” the service, so why not tell your friends? If my internet works ok the service will starts at 2pm today with the immortal words “Dear God can you hear me? Is my video switched on?” The service will be followed at 3.15 by a “procession” (consisting of the regional head of scouting Sir Bob-bob-bob-dib-dib-dib Geldof poignantly marching alone) from the church to lay a wreath of poppies at the War Memorial. You can follow all the action via your computer as it is to be filmed via the Verger’s phone live from a safe distance. 

Please join us for both the service and procession this afternoon. May your God be with you, Cyril Knutsford. The “Virtual” Vicar. Beckworth St Faiths


(Above) Sir Bob-bob-bob-dib-dib-dib Geldof photographed from a safe distance

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