Wear A Plume In Your Hat Online This Weekend

Hello my flock. I hope you’re surviving lockdown #3 and not going out, except to stock up on snacks and alcohol. I myself am getting through the restrictions thanks to my lodger and our daily rituals. In fact we got so carried away with Thursday nights online “Shed Your Sins With Gin” that we slept through yesterday and missed the Feast of St Norris. Church Warden Noddy Holder we hold our annual memorial service tomorrow via zoom at 11ish, and all religious denominations are welcome as St Norris is venerated by many faiths. Why not wear a feather in your hat this weekend to celebrate his kind deeds to birds and his invention of the carrier pigeon back in the 15th century. And in his honour remember “we should cast aside carnal thoughts by wearing feathers atop our sinful bodies and by clearing up bird sh*t. With our hands” So see you online tomorrow morning sporting your finest plumage. God Bless You and Norris. Cyril Knutsford, Vicar, Beckworth St Faiths

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