Crisis Talks At The Big House… News Just In

Exclusive breaking Royal news just in… Today a nervous Prince William joined his brother Harry, his Dad Charles, and beloved ancient Grandma (The Queen) in “crisis” talks to iron out details of how he and his American wife Meghan Markle could stop being Royalists and become parliamentarians or nationalists or something… The talks took place away from the glare of the tabloid media at the Queens holiday home in Slocombe (“Randy Bulls” static caravan park) and were said to have gone “well” despite Mrs Markle failing to get through on the phone… But i’ve been in contact with a close friend of one of Randy Bull’s security guards who said the outcome may have been cordial but there was lots of screaming, crying, fists thumping during the talks… Then they found out that was just Prince Philip trying to get into the Queens caravan. The security guard, who was listening at a window, says Mr & Mrs Markle demands include wanting to be able to market being “ex” Royals to make lots of cash, as they “want to out Beckham the Beckhams”… The ex-Prince is hoping to launch his own brand of of male grooming products (and wants to take style tips from Mr Beckham, such as getting tattoos and wearing vests), and Mrs Meg wants to get business advice from Victoria so she can launch a jewellery brand, Markle’s Royal Sparkles, to sell fake crowns, orbs and tiaras, etc. I wish Mr & Mrs Markle good luck and every success, especially with the cheap jewellery. Christine Batley. Deputy Chief Royal Retirement Reporter. Beckworth And Slocombe Herald Incorporating Nightly Gazette

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