Local Restaurant Loses It’s Michelin Star After Just One Year

Shocking foody news just in… Local restaurant (and takeaway) The Bamboo Caravan has today, after a lengthy investigation lasting at least half an hour, been stripped of it’s one Michelin star. Nigel Po, proprieter and chef, has closed the eaterie early today and told me all over a home-brewed shaojiu “I ask you, how can the French b****rds strip me of my hard won star…” before adding “And they’ve sacked my Porsche driving cousin, the very popular local Michelin restaurant inspector. The editor’s of the guide have trumped up some charge that he was on the fiddle, just because he’s handed out over 334 Michelin stars to local take-aways in the last year” Commiserations to Mr Po and all his talented staff. Christine Batley. Deputy Chief Crispy Duck & Spring Roll Correspondent. Beckworth And Slocombe Herald Incorporating Nightly Gazette


(Above) The popular Beckworth restaurant that’s just accidentally lost it’s one Michelin star

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