The Blind Badger Pub Becomes “The Blind Grocer”

Hello Beckworth. As they say necessity is the food for the thought, so i’m just letting you all know that your favourite pub has had to close due to draconian measures to stop the spread of the Corona Virus (I thought pubs would be exempt as in times of crisis we keep every one merry and out of the shops)… But good news, we have teamed up with TV’s Greg Wallace to re-open as a green grocer. Yes, that’s right we can now sell fruit, veg alongside our bottled beers, ciders, wines, pork-scratchings, etc… Greg will run the “shop” as he’s currently unemployed like most TV people and his own shop is being redecorated. Lucky for us he’s such a talented grocery bloke and willing to teach us bar staff about marrows, plums and other stuff.┬áSo come on down, but please bring your own plastic bags and wear a mask & gloves. Cindy Carmarthen, Fruit & Veg Assistant, The Blind Badger Grocers

Greg & The Blind Grocer 3(Above) Resourceful Greg Wallace takes a well-earned enforced break from his fantastic TV career to sell his groceries from the pub


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