Korean Weight Loss. It’s All The Rage… Or Should Be

Hellody Hoo, your favourite health guru Marion here. Great news for all you fatties out there, because of the success a couple of years back of my Weight Whistling classes, I’m running evening classes once again. The lapse of my restraint order means that Beckworth residents once again benefit from me bringing the ancient Korean act of Weight Whistling to the UK. You too could possibly lose 10 stone in a few weeks? Yes, it’s probably achievable due to the unique way that weight whistling works! So why not come along and try it (if you can get out of the house without needing a crane or having walls removed… Classes will be most Monday nights in the scout hut at 8 but only genuine, determined tubsters need apply. So how does it work I hear you ask? Well it’s actually a closely guarded secret, but put lets say it’s a sweaty workout without music. The participants whistle communist tunes whilst they exercise. You may have read in my twitter posts that I trained under the great teacher Gin Bin Bawl, a mauve belt in Weight Whistling, who until his mysterious death a few years ago was the dietician and keep fit instructor of choice for the glorious leader Kim Jon-un and his very closest mates. I’ve got all the certificates to prove I know what i’m doing, now all I need is another group of big boned oldies to practice on. So get your lard a**es down to the scout hut next Monday night and let’s shed those unsightly pounds. Ta ta, Marion

PS It’s just £43.25 a class

Beckworth_Weight Whistling