New Mobile Pet Pampering Service Arrives In Town

Hello everyone. Just to let you know that from today Beckworth can boast having it’s very own (council subsidised) mobile pet pampering service. Run out of the back a converted ice cream van by award-winning pet-caring husband and husband team Neville and Mohammed Norwich, we specialise in cosseting all breeds of land- and water-dwelling gastropod and testudines (Tortoises, turtles, snails etc). So if your pet slug needs a shampoo, your snail a manicure, your limpet a lacquering or your a terrapin a brightly painted shell, call on the experts Heaven & Shell. We’re pitched up everyday outside the sexual health clinic in the high street, so why not drop in with your loved ones.
N&M Norwich.


(Above) One of Heaven & Shell’s expert pamperers in action