January Damaged Goods Sale

Happy New Year. For the first time in 25 years we’re having a sale. Yes a sale! Many items are 25% off, so don’t delay. Why not buy a goldfish, or a canary? Or a mousey looking rodent? We’ve plenty of stock to shift because sadly lot’s of our queer looking animals didn’t sell at Christmas and many more were brought back just after suffering ill health or missing limbs. We’ve animals to suit every pocket; such as a ferret for those with deep pockets or a gerbil for tiny pockets… For those who like cuddly things we’ve got tons of rabbits going cheap and they’re half price if you buy in bulk; because they breed like bl**dy rabbits!!!! If you like things that live in water we’ve got loads of tadpoles or eels going cheap… We’ve lots of choice! So let’s save these poorly creatures from becoming landfill, come down and grab a bargain by the ears (or gills). Thank you. Fletcher Gillingham. Proprieter. Gillingham’s Pet Store

Beckworth Injured Cat

(Above) One of the pet store’s shop soiled sale items

Rabbits, Half Off


After 23 years happy years at 22 Floyd Street we are regretably downsizing and relocating to 6 Floyd Street. We will miss our many friends and loyal customers, so please pop in and say goodbye. Before we sadly move (end of June) we are having a “closing-down sale.” We have fish going cheap, birds going spare and 50% off rabbits and gerbils. If you want to haggle and buy by the kilo I can probably see my way to cutting a bit off most animals purchased. So please come and grab your self a bargain. Thank you. Fletcher Gillingham. Proprieter. Gillingham’s Pet Store