Beckworth Star Spot: Prince Charles

Hello. I’ve just seen Royal friend of the earth Prince Charles cycling to the shops surrounded by his body guards. Mr Charles really is a man of the people as every few yards he stopped to chat to his subjects and sign autographs. Also, his ears are a lot smaller in real life, as you can see in the photo I took. Leslie Warwick

Prince Charles On A Bike

(Above) Nature lover Prince Charles spotted in town today

I’m Free. Not literally free. But very cheap

Hello, I’m Leslie Warwick (you’ve probably heard of me) and this is my first time writing on a face book. It’s just like writing a letter to a lot of people isn’t it, but without needing to use lots of paper, hunting for envelopes, steaming off and reusing stamps, or for that matter, searching out an unvandalised postbox.

The great thing about this website is I can use it to get bookings, it’s cheaper than sticking a note in the newsagent’s window. As it say’s on my business card (Please see below) I’m a well-known female impersonator, available to book for children’s and adults parties, weddings, redundancies, and funerals, that sort of thing.

Please contact me through this site, I currently have every afternoon and evening free (plus all day Sundays) to do gigs, as they are called in the heady world of showbiz.

Thanking you kindly, Leslie Warwick

Leslie's Business Card