Happy New Year Beckworth, A Message From Your Leader

Happy New Year to my subjects in Beckworth. . Firstly may I thank you for, almost, all following guidelines and staying home… One or two dozen covidiots did venture out and were promptly arrested, but on the whole the town was eerily quiet. It is the first time in many a decade that the revived traditional burning of Old Man Beckworth, to say goodbye to 2020, could not go ahead…  Kirstie Allsopp had knitted an effigy during lockdown, and her husband Phil Spencer a very realistic paper-mache Baby Beckworth to welcome in 2021. As we couldn’t use either it has been decided to add both to the towns’ museum as a poignant reminder of the dreadful last year and the resilience of the towns folk and especially the stoic leadership of the Mayoral office…And the money saved by the lack of a pyrotechnic display at midnight will be used for local good causes such as repainting the town hall and buying a new Mayor’s car. All the best for a healthy and prosperous 2021.Thanking you most warmly. Aashif Ackworth. Mayor