Beckworth Bob-A-Job Bingo Week

Dear all, just a gentle reminder that this half-term holiday it’s Bob-A-Job week, so please, no hiding when the cubs, scouts, brownies and guides come knocking. This week, in addition to the usual door to door protection rackets, extortion and black mail, the children will be trying to raise vast amounts of money playing a game of their own invention, bob-a-job “doorstep” bingo. I am unclear of the rules but am told it should be lots of fun. I must also stress that due to the childrens’ ages this falls outside of the gaming laws so please treat it as a bit of fun (i.e. there’s no come back back if you don’t get full house). So please give generously, as the children want to build a soft- play area (to be named in honour of their leader Lord Bob Geldof) with the proceeds.

Thanks Tony Grimsby, Group Scout Leader


(Above) Head of the Worlds’ Scouting Movement, Bob-A-Job Geldof, looking forward to having a ball-pool named after him

Hacked By The Brownies

Hello. we are so desperate to tell you about the 100 year anniversary of the Brownies that the girls have hacked this site (and in the process earnt their computer hacker badges). This weekend the local troop will be having a jumble sale in an effort to raise £250,000 for a bronze statue of Beckworth’s first Brown Owl, the late HRH Princess Margaret. The Princess founded our local troop in 1916 (just two years after the Brownies were first invented by the Suffragettes) as a way of helping the young girls get a vote and to stop them worrying about WW1s’ trench warfare and gout. See you at the jumble sale. Brown Owl