Stutter Stairlifts “Powering You Towards Heaven One Step At A Time.” ADVERTISEMENT

Do you find climbing stairs as hard as climbing Everest. Or at least Ben Nevis. Perhaps you live in a house without a lift or escalators? Then you need to call in Beckworth’s one and only stairlift experts, Stutter Stairlifts. We’re friendly, expensive and quite knowledgable about going up and down stairs. There’s probably never been a better time to ring us, we’re not exactly busy at the moment and we’ve been in business for over twenty years (and only gone bankrupt once). So why not contact us today, or next week, for a brochure or a home demo. Stutter Stairlifts. “Powering You Towards Heaven One Step At A Time.” 

Stutter Potty Stairlift

(Above) The Stutter 3000GT Commode Stairlift, featuring an integrated safety belt and loo roll holder (not shown for hygiene reasons)