Torquil Getting Pushed Around


Just found this old photo of my Great Grandfather Torquil and his chums playing wheelchair polo. I believe none of them needed “wheels” but they were employed because all the horses had gone off to fight in World War One and the boys didn’t fancy playing the game on foot. They were very resourceful lads and got servants to push them around during matches, which I hear made them pretty formidable. They soon became quite notorious in the county, especially for their drunken apres polo wheelchair races. But then peacetime returned and the good times evaporated as wheelchair polo was banned for the ablebodied. But maybe the time is right to bring it back? Percival DeBeckworth-Hereford

Good Afternoon Listener

Or good evening if you are viewing this towards the end of the day with a fine bottle of vintage port in one hand and a lit thigh-rolled cigar between your teeth.

My name is Percival DeBeckworth-Hereford, and as an impotant member of society I was one of the first people interviewed by Dr Kennedy for this website.

Here is an extract or two, which I hope are very enlightening.

Regards, PDH