Star Spot: Gok Wan

I’ve just seen a Gok Wan and a TV crew filming his new series “Dieting On Ice”. One of the telly people who was hanging around told me it will be very successful as frozen water and watching people suffer are very popular. In the reality show unknown celebrities will be forced to live with Torvill and Dean in an abandoned ice rink for 3 months and viewers will vote off the lardiest person each week. The Z-listers will have to forage for food whilst skating round the rink and Mr Gok will skate on occasionally to give them advice on loosing weight and looking good on the ice. I can’t wait to watch it as I love Mr Wan and figure skating. LOL Courtney Beccles.


(Above) Gok Wan and his wife take a break from rehearsals earlier today

Single Mum Gives Exclusive Interviews….

Hello World. My name is Courtney and it’s lovely to meet you all, I hope you like hearing my interviews. I really didn’t hold back and told the lady interviewer lots of juicy secrets about my life, just like my heroes Katie Price, Kim Kardashian and White Dee. Thanks Courtney.