Lent; It’s The Time For Quitting…

So why not give up something you really crave this year? With knitting. Yes that’s right, you can (allegedly) give up life’s worst addictions with little more than wool, knitting needles, a very high boredom threshold and a modicum of determination. That is why Beckworth’s Alternative Yet Complimentary Herbalist And Medical Practice (BAYCHAMP) is starting courses this week to prove it (most likely) works. And we are proud to welcome the worlds’ finest south American knitters Dr Pearl Juan and Prof. Mabel Stitch, who just happen to also be pioneer psycotherapists in the field of addiction relief, to run the classes. The two “doctors” will be starting courses on Thursday evenings and if they prove popular (and highly profitable) we will add more courses in due course, so watch this space. The famed practitioners claim to have “cured” several sex addicts, weaned some poorly people off class one and two drug dependency, had long-term alcoholics spend less on drink, helped gamblers to win more and had smokers cut down on the fags and wacky-baccie during their combined 17 year careers. They claim it’s the narcoleptic repetitive nature of knitting and the reward of making clothing, hats, gloves and baby’s booties that helps their clients to quit and turn their lives around. We wish the lady “medical practitioners” well and hope you will join the course if you need help… And let’s face it most of us do. For me it’s chocolate. So i’ll be joining the class to see if I can eat less KitKats and Snickers in the weeks up until Easter. Good luck and lots of willpower to all of us attending Quitting With Knitting. Yours, Sally Macclesfield. Senior Practice Manager. BAYCHAMP.


(Above) Got a nicotine addiction? Come and get rid of it at Quitting With Knitting