Star Spot: Dr Who

I’ve just seen the “new” Dr Who, Peter something, on a break from filming the new TV series nearby (I hear Slocombe sewage works is crawling with aliens and camera crews). He was in the petrol station buying some chewing gum whilst his glamorous young assistant filled up the Doctor’s blue Skoda car (which for a diminutive vehicle looks deceptively spacious inside). Yours S Bendish


(Above) Dr Who’s time-travelling assistant filling up with unleaded earlier today

Outrage 23/7

Good morning Beckworth. I’m sorry to trouble you but i’m getting myself worked up into rather a lather over the stupidity of town planning. I’m not against progress, far from it, I campaigned tirelessly for the town to have pop-up urinals, now sited near the market, and to install hanging-baskets outside Bradford’s the Butchers.
But is anyone else as appalled as me about the local Sainsco supermarket applying to stay open 23 hours a day seven days a week?Outrageously they intend to only close between 2am and 3am.It’s a ridiculous idea, that surely won’t hold water with the town elders? I, for one, will be writing to the councillors to condone the plans in very strong language.
I mean why 2 to 3am? That’s just stupid. Those are the hours when mother and I like to do our weekly shop, when it is quiet… So hands off our traditional British late night/early morning excursions, Sainsco.

Yours, S. Bendish


(Above) The pop-up urinals near the market