Battle Of Britain Remembered Today

Just a reminder that today, from 2pm, we will be recreating the The Battle Of Britain‘s “Hardest Day” on the sports field. This will be our biggest and most ambitious reenactment ever and will played out in real time all afternoon and long into the evening. To capture the airbourne drama of 18th August 1940 we are using bicycles and motorbikes to represent the Spitfires, Fokkers and Messerschmitts and spectators can expect some pretty-hairy dogfights and fatal injuries just as happened back in WW2. Due to the numbers of “planes” and crew needed we have invited our hated rival re-enactors from Hull and Jersey to play the loathed German Luftwaffe. We will play the moustachioed RAF that whipped Gerry’s arse in the sky’s above Britain 75 years ago and we are looking to have a similarly spectacular scrap today, followed (for those not hospitalised) by a buffet dinner in the McDonald’s drive-thru. The town is bound to be very busy as we are expecting large crowds and TV crews due to this being such a historic occasion. So come and relive the sights and sounds of yesteryears’ most famous air battle. It’s a must see afternoon for the whole family and for those that are visually impaired, or can’t get to the sports field, we will be relaying the war sounds very loudly over speakers attached to the scout hut roof.

The Beckworth & Crewbury Historical Re-enactors

Beckworth_RAF Bike

(Above) The RAF re-enactment “planes” awaiting use earlier today