Baby Prince Charming Goes Home

Hello all. Just to let you know that at 7.15 this evening, just before a rivetting episode of Eastenders, Sir William and Duchess Middleton left Beckworth General Hospital and took home their future heir, the baby boy Prince “Charming” (Likely to be called Neville or Steve). Stopping briefly to chat to photographers, and to Richard & Judy who were coming out of Sainsco with a weeks shopping, the Royal couple took a mini cab back to their home. Stopping off on the way to pick-up a well deserved Tikka Massala a curry-house source said the young couple looked the picture of young Royal love and got given 3 free commemorative poppadoms. Anyway, I will let you know more about the baby when I can. Christine Batley. Chief Royal Correspondent. Beckworth Guardian


(Above) Limited Edition commemorative poppadoms

It’s Kings Cross Sale Day Today

It’s royal baby celebration day today down at 99p Land and we’re wetting the baby’s head by having a “Kings Cross” sale to celebrate. Pop-in to 99p Land to congratulate Sir Wills and Kate on the birth of the baby King by buying all your party stuff at 10% off. Yes, that’s a fabulous 10% off a few old sale items marked with a red cross (offer excludes nappies, baby-wipes, alcohol, cigarettes, biscuits, picnic blankets, condoms, cardigans and apples). We’re open 8 till 8 so there’s plenty of time to get those baby party essentials. Bim Gujranwala. Manager. 99p Land


(Above) A cake in the shape of a red cross to celebrate 99p Lands’ “Kings Cross” Day