Votey McVote Farce

Exclusive breaking Brexit news just in… As luck would have it today I managed to get my nails done at the new nail bar on the high street (co-owned by Strictly Bake Off’s very own Sandy Toksvig and her younger brother Randy) and as I was coming out admiring my new talons I literally bumped into a very well-lubricated Stephen Tooting-Broadway, Beckworth’s Conservative MP. He was briskly exiting his second home, the betting shop on the high street, puffing distractedly on a cheroot whilst swearing loudly to himself… I can’t repeat what he said but it was very graphic and gynaecological… Anyhoo, in an exclusive interview, there and then, Mr Tooting-Broadway told me how this country was going to the dogs and how his close friend, Boris Johnson our beloved and honest PM, was the only person in Parliament standing up for the intelligent rich (and the fact they voted in droves to leave the despised despots in Europe and MPs are blocking this) … Nothing exclusive about that you may say, but he went on to say that MPs of all persuasions, leavers, remainers and can’t be arsed, are making their own post-Brexit plans… many are stock-piling drink, cigarettes, take-away menus and loo roll whilst others have bought fake passports or joined the Lib Dems. They believe that if we don’t Brexit at the end of October the great british Daily Mail & Sun reading public will riot, lock the selfish MPs in the Houses Of Parliament and probably do a Guy Fawkes… He was deadly serious and red faced as he slurred his words to me, and told me he was refusing to set foot back in Parliament until the whole ruddy farce was over. After belching very loudly he added he didn’t become a member of parliament to become burnt toast, not when he could safely perform his duty (and get paid handsomely for it) from the safe distance of a Beckworth pub…  Whilst I partook of a second Marlborough Light and he swigged on an Aldi multipack “alcopop” Stephen let slip most enlightening information that he may not have meant to; divulging that his good friend Donald Trump has offered troops to quell any disquiet in exchange for the UK becoming the 51st, or 52nd, state in the Union. At this point Mr Tooting-Broadway broke away from me and relieved himself up against a postbox. I would have dearly loved to find out more but he’d splashed my Manolos. So I briskly returned to the office to sponge off the odorous p*** and of course, because of my dedication, type up this exclusive Brexit expose for you dear reader…. I say good luck to the Prime Minister in getting us out of the corrupt sess pool that is Europe. Christine Batley. Deputy Chief Unbiased Brexit Correspondent. Beckworth And Slocombe Herald Incorporating Nightly Gazette

Pantomime Auditions Next Week

Pantomime season is almost upon us and in the spirit of yuletide The Beckworth Players will be holding open auditions for some very minor, yet glamorous, parts in this year’s dramatic extravaganza. Next Tuesday we will start looking for fresh talent for our much anticipated 2015 panto, The Lizard Of Aus. Could this be you? For five or six nights around Christmas we will be putting on our original festive performance very loosely based on the Disney film, and soundtrack, The Wizard Of Oz. We’ve made enough changes to get around copyright issues, the rewrite was quickly done for us by acting legend, and star of a few pantos herself, Dame Maggie Smith. The script promises, in Dame’s words, to be truly wonderful! I’ve written some great new songs about lizards and Australia with my close friend Gary Barlow. Gary will take the lead role playing Dorothy, a childhood ambition he told me, and his band Take That will play the accompanying music live each night (Or maybe mime). We’ve secured Pierce Brosnan to direct the panto (his first time directing), James Cordan to play the “Thin Man”, Bake-Off‘s Paul Hollywood is the “Bird Scarer”, Cheryl Cole (or whatever she’s called these days) will play the “Lioness”, Katie Price is our “Right Bitch”, the “Wicked Bitch of the North is TV’s Holly Willoughby, and Peter Andre will star as the ballroom-dancing “Australian Lizard”.  Understandably all the best parts have already been taken by key members of The Beckworth Players but we will still need new talent for the boring non-speaking parts, the occasional dance, a bit of backing-singing and to sell snacks and drink in the interval. Please bring a torch, or candle, as auditions will be held in a small unlit garage behind the launderette as our rehearsal space above Chiswicks’ The Fishmongers is being fumigated. We’ve a part in the performance to suit almost anyone of every gender, colour and sexual preference. But let’s face it we really only want Beckworth’s most attractive, single, young people. So if you’re over 25 or need a crane to get in and out of the bath don’t waste our time. Pierce says he wants to find the next Sam Smith and Adele, preferably with acting skills. So please come along and show us your talent. You must be 18 or over and be hot. See you next Tuesday, Chico (producer)


(Above) Peter Andres’s amazing panto costume, kindly made by his ex-wife Jordan